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Where is Valle de las Sensaciones?
The land is located in the municipality of Cádiar, in the province of Granada, in the autonomous community of Andalusia, Spain. It is located in the central-eastern part of the Alpujarra Granadina region.


When should I visit Valle de las Sensaciones?
Valle de las Sensaciones is a temporary sanctuary of Hadas del Sol, we hire the place between December and April. If it will be your first visit to Valle de las Sensaciones, you should come to a gathering. Gatherings are the liveliest times at the sanctuary, when you can meet people from many cultures, join in workshops, hold parties, share in heart circles, enjoy vegetarian feasts and revel in unlimited glamour! Some gatherings can be BIG and LOUD; other gatherings can be tiny and quiet. For more information, visit the Gatherings page.
If you have interest in visiting Valle de las Sensaciones outside of a gathering, you should contact in advance to make the appropriate arrangements.


What languages are spoken at Valle de las Sensaciones?
Faeries visit Valle de las Sensaciones from their homes in many countries, so many languages are spoken at Valle de las Sensaciones. While English is most universal, French, German, and especially Spanish are frequently spoken, and speakers of Danish, Arabic, Slovakian, Italian, Greek, Hungarian, Hebrew, and many other languages visit Valle de las Sensaciones. A Spanish/English translation support is always available in all gatherings.


Can I visit Valle de las Sensaciones if I have a limited range of mobility or sensory impairment?
Yes, you will be welcome! Keep in mind that Valle de las Sensaciones has very primitive facilities for all visiting faeries, is not adapted for people with reduced mobility (stairs, stony dirt roads, lack of light at night...) and exists in a remote, mountainous, and natural environment. But faeries are clever creatures and will go to great lengths to ensure that all persons can be welcomed on the land. If you have specific needs, or have any questions about facilities available on the land, we would love to speak with you before you visit the sanctuary.


Is Valle de las Sensaciones open to all sexes, genders, and identities; are trans*, genderqueer, and nonbinary people welcome?
Yes and Yes! Valle de las Sensaciones welcomes persons of all genders, sexualities, identities, and expressions. In our community, we work to ensure that trans* and queer persons feel welcomed and comfortable. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions or feedback related to the experience of queer and trans* persons within our radical faerie community.


How are Hadas del Sol and Valle de las Sensaciones organized?
The Statutes of Hadas del Sol can be found here.
We have a continual call for all faeries who want to help develop Valle de las Sensaciones to step forward as active members of the association and as Stewardcites.
Active members of the association are faeries who are willing to participate in the yearly consensus-making that takes place in the Great Circle.
At the Great Circle each year, the members will:
• choose the members who form the Steward Circle and facilitate daily operations
• approve the financial report and annual budget for the association
• decide on any changes to the statutes and rules of the association, as well as other important decisions put forth by members to the Great Circle.

Stewardcites are members who want to be part of the Steward Circle, the association’s day-to-day working committee. They make a commitment of time and energy, and meet together on a regular basis to get things done on the land and in the community.
The Stewardcites are accountable to the members via the Great Circle. The members empower the Stewardcites to make things work between Great Circles. No one will ever be turned away from the Sanctuary, from Membership, from any Circle, or from any event on the land for lack of funds.


What do fairies eat?
Cooking at Valle de las Sensaciones is communal and vegetarian. There are always available vegetables, fruits, snacks and delicious foods at Valle de las Sensaciones to feed bellies of hungry faeries.


I have a food allergy or sensitivity; can I eat faerie food?
Communal meals are an essential part of faerie gathering, and kitchen faeries will work hard to prepare vegetarian, vegan or gluten and dairy free meals that everyone can enjoy. However, if you have severe allergies or follow an extremely specific diet, you should consider bringing some of your own essential supplies, and should be prepared to prepare some meals yourself. If you have food needs or requests, please inform the gathering organizers in advance.


Is it secluded? Can we be naked and make noise?
Hadas del Sol is nestled in a valley with no neighbors within sight or (we believe) within earshot. We have had no problems so far being naked, drumming and/or singing.


What about drugs?
We want to remind all visitors of Valle de las Sensaciones that Hadas del Sol does not tolerate the possession or use of any psychotropic substance other than alcohol or properly prescribed medication, therefore we do not endorse such use.
As for alcohol: even there, we ask everyone to be aware of possible sensitivities amongst those that have suffered abuse issues in the past. Please be mindful about alcohol consumption and kindly refrain from offering alcohol to others. Many gatherings are alcohol and substance free, read gatherings guidelines and talk with facilitators if you have further enquiries about this. There is  a space allocated for tobacco smokers near the entry.


Can I bring my pet to Valle de las Sensaciones?
Unfortunately, we cannot host any animals traveling with you. There are 4 lovely cats who live in Valle de Sensaciones and who keep the space rodent-free. Please contact us or  the organizer of your gathering in advance if you wish to bring a pet.


What about music, photos and devices?
There is longstanding consensus that photos taken during gatherings should be shared only with those who were there. There are many talented faerie photographers, and during gatherings there are so many beautiful faeries to photograph, but please be conscious not to let your photography interrupt the gathering, and you should seek consent from the faeries who you photograph before taking pictures and distributing them.

If you have musical instruments, please bring them. For music played from devices, we would please ask you to limit its use to the dish dance or, whenever relevant, to workshops.

Please keep all communal places free from phones and other devices with internet connectivity. There will be a dedicated place for WiFi use outside the main premises.


Do you only organize gatherings in Valle de las Sensaciones?

In addition to gatherings in the Valley of Sensations, Hadas del Sol also organizes gatherings at other locations and dates throughout the year. For more information, visit the Gatherings page.


I am an artist/photographer/film-maker/researcher/journalist, can I visit and make a project out of Valle de las Sensaciones?
Many fairies are artists, and much artwork is created on the land of Valle de las Sensaciones Sanctuary. While you, like any person, will still be welcomed at the sanctuary to join faerie gatherings or learn about faerie culture, without explicit consent from the community, you should not plan to complete any outside projects at the Sanctuary.


How can I give money to Hadas del Sol?
Please see our Contribute page for details, and feel free to contact us or email if you have any questions.

Question still not answered?
Please contact us. We’re always happy to answer questions!

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