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Hadas del Sol needs money in order to function as it currently does and for us to continue to build a great community.


We share this financial burden together. Hadas del Sol's money comes from gatherings, monthly contributions and gifts from faeries. This money pays for our food, the costs of maintaining the land, insurance, website, pretol, new projects…


We have several principles for contributing at Hadas del Sol. The first is NOTAFLOF: No One Turned Away For Lack Of Funds. This means that if you can’t give any money, that’s fine, we would love to have you!


If you can give less than the suggested contribution, that’s fine as well! Some faeries consider that a form of NOTAFLOF, and others call that GAYAABAGS: Give As You Are Able But Always Give Something.


And if you can give more than the suggested contribution, then we encourage you to donate through LOTOFLOVE: if you have lots of love and money to share, your donation will allow us to continue welcoming faeries with less resources.


The suggested daily contribution for a stay at Hadas del Sol is 20 to 40 euros per day. About half of 20 euros per day covers the cost of hosting someone on the land (food and fuel), and the other half goes towards rent, maintenance and management of the land, which are results of hosting people on the land. We always ask people to give more if they can, because some faeries can’t give the minimum daily contribution. Think of it as faerie solidarity.


Cash Contribution:

The best way to contribute to Hadas del Sol is in cash during the meetings or your viewings, there are always many pre-meeting expenses, ordered for food, gas, gas, laundry...there are also purchases to be made during the meetings as supplies are running low. Having cash helps with day-to-day management and facilitators don't have to advance too much money. 


Contribution by bank transfer:

We prefer that you make your donations in cash, but if it is more convenient for you to make a bank transfer, you can do so. Once you sign up for any meeting, with the meeting information, you will receive our account number.


Solidarity contribution:

To make the meetings more affordable, support NOTAFLOF and spread the financial effort among all the fairies, some choose to make occasional and/or periodic contributions. This can be set up by a one-time, monthly, quarterly or annual payment from your own bank account, or by cash payment at meetings and visits. Feel free to contact us or send an email to

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